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A random collection of back-of-the-envelope calculations, short stories, half-baked theories, bad poems, and more. 
Many of these relate to the idea of normalcy what it entails and what it does not.
We are fortunate to live in a time where right and wrong, traditions, and norms are being renegotiated.
Yet, only through exploring what is normal can we see the depth of the clash and be earnest with our hopes.

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Some Pride Some Prejudice

I will confess that sometimes, I still indulge in being prejudiced against who is prejudiced against me. Here I explain what I mean.

The Longest Six Months

This pandemic sometimes feels eternal. But, sometimes, it feels just like a very long six months. An eventful set of months.

Europe the Martian Continent

History books are full of war and struggle. Humaneness and peace are less common Here I discuss the martian idolatry common in WEIRD history

A Very Costa Rican Privilege

As a resident of Europe this privilege crosses my mind every now and then. Yet, only today I realized how uncommon it is.

Bringing A Bit of Joy to My Image of God

To me, God has been paradoxical. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Yet, conquer, exploit women and other races. This brings some joy.

Google as a Pay per View Service

We pay to watch Netflix. Advertisers pay to let us use Google's products. What if we outbid them and pay for Google ourselves?


It might be childish but I have a favorite word. This word encompasses a big part of my cosmogony, my values, and my views of the word....

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