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On Little Fish, Rigged Games, Universe Expansion, and Darkness

As someone whose contributions to society revolve around thinking about how I think I think I think, these sentences in Chapter 2 of Batman's The Long Halloween blew my mind.

It was like when I first saw the 7th Chapter of Season 1 of The Wire and Marla Daniels pronounced the game expanding idea below.

These two pieces of media shook me because they remove the foundation and break the boundaries of the sandbox where I spend my time. In both cases, I cannot longer just think of how I would think. I need to think of how I would behave if I wanted to catch big fish and how to use smaller fish as bait. Bodie said it best:

In both cases, I need to think about who the different players are, who makes the rules, what the game is, why it exists. The world expands and the universe fills up with possibilities. I feel as the young fish questioning myself about the ether I inhabit.

Along these lines Bruce Bueno de Mesquita's The Dictator's Handbook will expand your universe while concomitantly sublimate all your hope in humanity. Read at your own peril.

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