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As part of my work in computational modeling, I replicate foundational papers in organizational learning. I collect these replications in the form of modeling tutorials at:


This tutorial introduces a lean way of generating NK models. It then puts us at the feet of the agent and explores the question: How does it feel to live in an NK landscape?
To answer this question, I replicate some foundational papers on rugged landscapes search such as Levinthal (1997), Rivkin (2001), and Csaszar and Levinthal (2016).


The N-armed bandit is foundational to research in learning under uncertainty. Yet, every paper that employs it introduces very unique eccentricities which complicate comparisons between papers.
In this tutorial, I build a general-purpose agent that can replicate what is shown in some of the most influential papers on learning under uncertainty such as Denrell & March (2001), Posen & Levinthal (2012), and Puranam & Swamy (2016).


Learning to program is learning to speak a new language. But a language meant for machines not humans. It is tedious, often brutal process that requires time. 
In this tutorial, I explain the basics of Python, syntaxis, data types, functions, and so on. In the process, we build a way of hacking passwords and much more.

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