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Feminism is for everybody. It's all about love yet not all have the will to change

Last week died the author I have read the most. I avoid rereading authors. Yet, as RuPaul would say "reading [bell hooks] is fundamental".

In all about love, bell hooks told me what loves can mean outside patriarchy.

Feminism is for everybody guided me through the uppity and dry field of feminism theory.

The will to change empowered me and showed me how I matter, how my will to change is crucial for my journey as a feminist.

Ain't I a woman acted as a prism and showed me the beauty and importance of intersectionality.

Her teaching to transgress showed me just that. How it is good to be loud even when you are blessed not to be white.

I look forward to what I'll learn in I start it today. How from margin to center will refocus my views. I wait dazed and confused for killing rage: ending racism. What does that even mean? Yet, I need not fret bell hooks will show me where the way.

Bell hooks

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