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A random collection of back-of-the-envelope calculations, short stories, half-baked theories, bad poems, and more. 
Many of these relate to the idea of normalcy what it entails and what it does not.
We are fortunate to live in a time where right and wrong, traditions, and norms are being renegotiated.
Yet, only through exploring what is normal can we see the depth of the clash and be earnest with our hopes.

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Doctors Without eMails: A German Paradox

Doctors are objectively smart. But in Germany their offices often have fax numbers and no eMails. This paradox is a very strange one to me.

On Serendipity and Joy

Joy happens at random intervals. But one can design life to maximize the number of joy events per unit of time, i.e. its cross-section.

Hurt People Hurt People

I find it very convenient how when conflict happens in the Middle East we forget that the conflict was started by actions Europe made.

My Least Threatening Look

Men are threatening. But, I own a piece of fabric that, at one time, helped the world forget my innate threat.

LLMs: Demented Savants

I feel I empathize with my LLM assistants more than I do with anyone outside my home. I am a bit puzzled by this, both ashamed and curious

Grand Opportunities Not Challenges

What if we think about what is possible and not what the problems are? In an era of boiling water superconductors how will our lives change?

On Dostoevsky, Ariely, and Gino

Reductionism is central to science, fake data directly threatens this foundation as it pollutes our minds with spurious information

Waiting for Popo

I am currently a toilet, a job that fills my life with purpose, has some shitty work conditions but at least let me wait and reflect on life

The Great Machista Extinction Event

"Are you a feminist?" if the person you are dating does not answer "Yes 100%", please RUN. Help us build a better world who you date matters

Non-Newtonian Routine Dynamics

Routines encompass how organizations change. Somehow, our ontologies fail to acknowledge how diverse their shear change can be.

The Big Ambivalence

Ambivalence is strange. A pull that pushes and breaks. A feeling of possibility and joy with anger and trauma. Useful, purposeful, enraged.

chatGPT is a potato

I hate details and facts. I love quirkiness and curiosity. As such the internet has been my playground. A playground now enhanced by chatGPT

On Exercising Hope

Hope is what makes me human, what makes me wake up every morning. As I pursue it, hope provides new marvels and adventures. God I love hope.

This Cold, Never Again

If we meet the Paris agreement's goals, our world will never be as cold as it is today. Never again will the temperature be as mild. #WTF

On the Lack of Migrant Representation

With exceptions, migrants do not have elected officials that represent them. At least, I do not. Could this be the racism of our generation?

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