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On Pretending to Be Smart

Deep down I know I am smart. Yet, this thin shellac of my wisdom lies miles above where I reside.
Deep down I feel clever and bright. Yet, surrounding my heart, just empathy and love abide.
Deep down I might feel wise. But that is just a simple plight. My core my life my joy lack pretention, smartness, and thought.
Deep down I aim not at being smart, clever or bright. I aim at being me. A quirky dork with a heart and joy.
Deep down I don't pretend. Deep down I am and that is all. Deep down I love myself. Up there where birghtness shines, pretention rules my mind.
Pretend pretend pretend pretend. And maybe someday all fools will believe my clever shellac is all there is to me.
Why shall I fret, worry, and care?We are people and not brains. I am myself. My heart, my love. I love myself and not my thoughts.

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