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A random collection of back-of-the-envelope calculations, short stories, half-baked theories, bad poems, and more. 
Many of these relate to the idea of normalcy what it entails and what it does not.
We are fortunate to live in a time where right and wrong, traditions, and norms are being renegotiated.
Yet, only through exploring what is normal can we see the depth of the clash and be earnest with our hopes.

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This Cold, Never Again

If we meet the Paris agreement's goals, our world will never be as cold as it is today. Never again will the temperature be as mild. #WTF

On the Lack of Migrant Representation

With exceptions, migrants do not have elected officials that represent them. At least, I do not. Could this be the racism of our generation?

Happily Trevor After

Media defines our culture. For years Trevor Noah contextualized my news. His empathy and nuance will be missed. Godspeed Trevor!

On Alter Egos and Algorithms at Work

An ode to the beauty that lies within ethnographies from the naive eyes of someone whose ADHD will never let him do one.

A death per million

This month, the world tunes in to watch its religion jubilee play out on altars built over the bodies of tributes; one per million humans.

Pet Talk: Smaller than Small Talk

After years of traumatic pet talk experience, I came to realize how much it has stunted my emotional growth. Pet talk is truly the worst.

On A Woman is No Man

Some books send shockwaves as you read them. Waves that ebb away as they shift your self inside you. A woman is no man is my loudest example

Normal Joy

I used to think that normal things were bland. That special was best. How wrong I was. Oh how much joy lies within a normal act.

A Blinding Brown Rainbow

Have you ever felt swept away; your life and image of yourself changed in an instant? You'd learned to despise change. But you love this one

On the Alien Logic of the Cold War

Isn't it crazy that hydrogen bombs exist just because people disliked who owned the companies in a country far far away from theirs?

More Female, Brown, and Queer

Although I firmly believe in equality. I also know how gendered aggression is. To step away from aggression societal change is needed.

Jr: On Advertising Lack of Originality

I've always find it funny how we all need to write evidence that someone's parent forgot to create a new name for their Jr., III, IV...

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