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Pet Talk: Smaller than Small Talk

The jury is out. Pet talk might be better than an awkward silence. But it is by far the shallowest form of conversation

Discuss the habits of your dog. Talk for them in a make believe conversation. Discuss their goals and wishes, their quirks, their tastes, or sickness.

All while simultaneously sharing to your partner i crime your deepest contempt. Your deepest disregard or interest in their humanity.

Pet talk, that is talking about your pets and their lives is unbearable. It hurts so much. It breaks one's hearts when one aims to connect.

Connection and belonging are the central needs we fullfil in conversation. Even awkward silence can fill these needs in part. Pet talk in turn severs connection and alienate the participants from each other.

Tell me your fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams, everyday. Cry tears of any type with me at your side. Just please please please do not bring your pet. And never talk about your dog, cat or iguana.

You have been warned.

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