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The Great Machista Extinction Event

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Reproduction is a privilege. It might be the central goal of evolution. Yet, the idea of survival of the fittest entails a rank ordering of who deserves to pass their genes and who does not. This rank ordering is central to the future of our species. It is also malleable, socially constructed, and will continue to adapt what we see as human for all our future to come.

Humans have domistacted hundreds of species, from dog, cats, and potatoes, to bugs, and bacteria. There is evidence to believe we have even domesticated ourselves. Our genes show signals of self domestication. In other words, at some point in history the nicer humans, as the nicer wolves of the past, were deemed more worthy of reproduction. This choice was not made once but thousands or even millions of times. The better angels of our nature depend directly in this choice.

I believe this is a choice we continue to do. The percentage of people in the world deemed human has grown steadily since the industrial revolution. It is true that at one point during what WEIRD people call "the enlightment" most homo sapiens were deemed subhuman. But overall we have recovered from that blunder. As the extent of humanity grows, also some of our values. Equality being one of them and the central point of this article.

Feminism is the pursuit for equality among the genders. A pursuit that is as appalled by the gender inequality in the nursing profession as it is with the lack of female doctors. Inquealities do not even out, they are absolutes that add up.

Feminism has an enemy, namely patriarchy, and the institutions that promote a male centered view of the world. However, here I want to focus in a subset of patriarchy: Machismo.


I grew up in this excrement. Machismo is the idea that men not only need to be dominant, they need to show dominant, and to do so they need to be aggressive. No macho man accepts being talked down by other men nor as equal by any woman.

Macho is an adjective that comes as a proof of prior behavior. A mach man has to have stood up other men and fought for their honor, or more easily beaten their love interest for whatever reason they wish. The purest of macho will hit their partners before marriage so they know from the start how dependent they are on the macho.

Machismo is not only individual. See the case of El Salvador, there police people stay in maternity wards to check if there has been a miscarriage and send women to jail. I am avid reader of science fiction but my pupils have never read something crueler than a true machista policy.

Machismo in where I grew up was responsible for the fact that the biggest cause of death for women in reproductive age was the rage of a person they once loved. Cancer, heart failure, car crashes, COVID, all pail when compared to what a machista man calls love. #fuckthatnoise

Extinction Event

I here call for a machista extinction event. Just as we vote with our money and can choose yo buy from an stablishment that provides a morally superior alternative, we can vote with our gonads.

Ask this simple question to the person you are dating: "Are you a feminist?" If the answer anything other than "Yes, 100%", run. Do not mate with them. Do not give them the privilege of having descendents. Help our society to become better. Help us domesticate machismo away from our veins.

A Rose by Any Other Name

One of the most expensive things a man can have is the lifestyle of a 1950s heterosexual couple. Other than the ultrawealthy whose wives "stay in the kitchen" (KKK in German: Küchen, Kinder, Kirche) while they win the bread, most of humanity cannot afford this. Not that this is not a dream. In fact, the 1950s lifestyle of a heterosexual male is the sacrosanct dream of every sexist man.

It brings me Schadenfreude to imagine these myriads of sexists crying themselves to sleep for not affording to live the lives of their grandparents. And don't get me wrong, I love my grandpa, and I love the children his wife raised with his hard earned cash.

However, it is a sign of progress that the marketplace for husband's has improved so much that the women who offer the 1950s gender inequality can be bartered only by the most affluent sexists. For the bulk majority, reproduction implies assimilating against their will some element of the feminist agenda. #fun

Machista Genocide

Racist white people often talk about the white genocide. The idea that as races mix the people deemed white will become a smaller and smaller portion of humanity. I am all for this idea. Please, everyone have children with people from other races, we could all help end racism faster.

That said, calling support genocide is weird. I mean, most genocides are active genocides, in which categories of people are exterminated for things they cannot change. As such, the white genocide is not really a genocide. It is more like the affirmative action universities do in their acceptance decisions. They aim at educating the leaders of tomorrow, not the past, and thus the people they accept are different from the ones they used to accept. None is wrong. Still even a passive genocide sounds wrong.

But fuck it, let's be clear. I am calling for a machista genocide. If you have the inclination that the person you are dating is machista do not date them. Tell everyone you know about it. Help the victims and inform them of their options. Let's make all these men and women die childless. Our children will thank us.

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