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Fake it till you make it. Cheat until you win.

Once upon a time, I found myself without a goal. Life had happened and I needed to adapt. I retorted to TED, Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy to fill in this gap and craft a new purpose in life.

At TED, iI found the research of Amy Cuddy. In Coursera the work of Dan Ariely. These scholars primed my views of psychology and decision making. They were stars in a meteoric rise.

From their talks and many others I crafted a new life goal and convinced myself to study decision making and behavioral science.

Little would I know that their light you follow the fate of meteors. Cuddy's fall from grace is well explained in Anand Giridharadas book Winner's take all. Ariely's lies were exposed much later but even .ore spectacularly.

I am grateful of how my path has gone. But still I wonder how honest science would have affected my path. You live, you learn, you adapt.

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