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CityHub and Disruption

Many a eager beaver CEO has laid awake at now hashing plans to disrupt their industries. Some have succeeded. Many more have failed. This is normal but might be disheartening for people who want change to happen.

Disruption should not happen often. But sometimes things click. So was the case for AirBnB, Uber, easyJet, Southwest and many others. Collectively their innovations have allowed the middle class to access a privilege only the rich experienced in the past: leisure travel.

Today I sit at CityHub Copenhagen and I can clearly see how this firms has the potential to disrupt travel once more. Even the High-Ticket business travel one.

I slept here and I have been in the lobby mesmerized by a good and highly complex strategy. At CityHub you sleep in a tiny room. You cannot stand in most of it. But you are comfortable at every point. By being tiny CityHub cam fit more people in the same building than their peers would.

Spatial economics fuels this strategy but it is how CityHub burns this fuel that makes their strategy a great one. It combines a broad lobby intoxicatingly hospitable staff and high-quality spacious shared amenities increase their customer's willingness to pay over and above the price a shared-room hostel would attract.

Lots of this strategy is stolen from Hostels a market segment seldom frequented by business travelers. But with a few twists (e.g., private bathrooms) CityHub might be well placed to disrupt our business travel. I know mine just was.

Good luck and godspeed CityHub!

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